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A Guidebook for Insurance Agents: How to Nurture Clientele within the CBD Industry

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CBD Industry

Evolving over time and becoming increasingly competitive, the CBD industry is no easy feat to handle. With an industry shifting gears and diversifying its capacity, the need of the hour becomes the need to be creative and resourceful. While tapping into this industry is easy, sustaining and surviving becomes hard for a cannabis insurance service. The responsibility of a cannabis and hemp insurance service is to equip businesses operating within the different stages of the supply chain with appropriate insurance policies. Whether it is general liability, a cyber liability, a products liability, or a workers’ compensation policy, each of these policies work to facilitate the viability and profitability of a CBD business.

When a business ventures into a new industry or has been within the industry for years, it is imperative to understand that accidents can bring about unfavorable circumstances. Hence, in such scenarios, a cannabis crop insurance or hemp crop insurance policy becomes necessary.

A cannabis insurance agent plays an integral part in this mix. The primary obligation of an insurance agent is to work on informing and educating their clientele regarding the variety of options they have. With disparate insurance companies competing for a client’s attention, the following are the ways in which an agent can work to nurture their clientele with their unique set of information and offers – helping them secure clients with ease.

Keep Revisiting Target Goals & Clientele

The chaos and disarray of the industry are such that each agent is simply busy competing. Sometimes, it’s necessary to step back and look at the larger picture. Figuring out where their specialist knowledge is applicable and knowing where it is likely to appeal, can give an agent a head-start in reenergizing their process. A more realistic means of measuring success is to re-establish goals and meet them in a measured manner.

Owing to this, agents need to go back to businesses operating within specific niches. And need to work on selling policies that are befitting for such businesses. Selling left, right, and center won’t allow an agent to secure the sort of clientele they wish they had. Instead, focusing on a particular segment will help them build their credibility.

Ask For Reviews

This is the age of going by ‘word-of-mouth,’ as businesses are consistently looking to improve their processes and protect their turf. If an agent works for a competitive and profitable CBD cultivator, manufacturer, or retailer, then asking for a review is a good plan of action. This will help them gain the traction they need.

This is because businesses constantly keep their eyes and ears open for new and budding companies that help their competition reach their goals. Having a complimentary review on the agent’s website can help attract the attention of rising or dominating CBD companies within the industry.

Offer The Best Possible Coverage

At the end of the day, a business approaches an insurance company to protect its interests. Keeping in line with their agenda, it is the job of the agent to provide the best insurance coverage for CBD companies. When insurance is concerned, it doesn’t matter whether the agent is a great sales person or not, as it is important for the agent to offer the best possible coverage. Therefore, providing coverage that protects the client’s interests is the way to go.

Be An Expert About The CBD Industry

The key to cracking a client is knowing more than them and knowing more than what the internet can provide. A CBD company consults with an agent for the specialist information they can provide, hence be it marijuana property insurance or product liability insurance, it is the job of the agent to be a know-it-all when it comes to the CBD industry. By helping them navigate the ins-and-outs of a complex industry, an agent can secure a client for years to come


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